International House London

International House London is an established and well-known language school, with over fifty years of experience in providing language courses and teacher training programmes. Based in a spacious and fully-equipped campus, near Covent Garden, we are a founder member of the International House World Organisation.

International House London welcomes over 8000 language students from 150 countries each year. Our students enjoy learning in the vibrant and multicultural atmosphere of IH London; making new friends and experiencing the excitement of the city together. So whether you’d like to study a modern language; learn English for business or pleasure, or teach English, we have the course for you.

Our school facilities include:

  • 56 modern air-conditioned classrooms
  • Wireless networking
  • Student computer room with over 60 machines
  • Learning Resource Centre/Library with over 10,000 books
  • In-class computer facilities
  • Electronic interactive whiteboards in most classes
  • Digital Language Laboratory and ICT room
  • Social Programme Office
  • Cambridge, IELTS, LCCI and TOEIC Examination Centre

How We Teach / Our Methodology

At International House London, we focus on communication and speaking, with student to student interaction being used rather than a more traditional lecturing approach. This makes our English courses both exciting and rewarding, with progress being made very quickly.

Quality of Our Staff

The continued success of International House London is due in no small part to our highly skilled, friendly and knowledgeable teachers. Many of our language teachers are also teacher trainers, bringing to class new and innovative teaching methods and resources. Some members of staff were originally trainees: enjoying the experience so much they stayed on as teachers. A number of leading course books such as Cutting Edge and Headway were written by current or former teachers and trainers at International House London.

IH London’s teachers are here to offer you guidance on how to improve your language skills. Our teachers hold relevant qualifications in their area of expertise. They are knowledgeable about their subject and can answer any questions that you may have. All members of staff genuinely care about your progress and respect your opinions.

Social Programme

The social programme is designed to help you explore the various sights and sounds that London has to offer. It has the added bonus of helping you cement your classroom friendships and put your new language skills into action.

Each day there’s a different activity to enjoy. It might be a night out at a pub, club, bar or restaurant or a visit to one of London’s many museums, galleries, theatres or cinemas. For the more energetic it could be a walking tour of famous sights, a night out bowling or an organised game of football.

Whatever activities you choose the social programme will help you make most of your learning experience in London. And the best thing is, the more you enjoy yourself the more likely you are to remember what you've learnt.

Each month a new social programme calendar of events is available from the social programme desk or reception, or can be downloaded below. Events can be booked at the social programme desk on a first come first served basis. Be quick, the best events are the first to book up.

General Course Information

The majority of our programmes adopt a flexible approach to teaching, with courses focusing on students practising their language skills together. We provide English and other language courses at all levels, from beginner (CEFR A1) through to advanced (CEFR C2). You can learn in a class or on a one-to-one basis, whatever suits you best.

Our English and Modern Language courses are generally taught in classes of ten and the maximum number of students in any class is 14. Lessons are intensive and task based; typical activities may include roles plays, pair work with a fellow student and class discussions based on texts. You can also supplement your class learning with one-to-one tuition. Business English courses can be one-to-one, one-to-two, mini groups of up to six or closed company groups.

Course Availability and Cancellation

Every attempt will be made to place you on the course of your choice. However, International House London cannot guarantee a particular course and timetable until you have taken an entry test and had an interview. In the event of insufficient applications for a course, the school reserves the right to offer an alternative course of equal value.

Minimum age for students on General English programmes is 16 years old.
Minimum age for students on Executive English programmes is 21 years old.

Definition of one lesson
Each lesson or study hour consists of 55 minutes of study time.

General Accommodation Information

Accommodation booking date

  • Accommodation is booked and charged for from Sunday to Sunday for the duration of your course.
  • If you wish to extend your accommodation after arrival please contact the Accommodation Office.
  • If two students come together a shared room can be booked, otherwise shared room accommodation will be booked in the shared room option.

Smoking in Homestays

Many British hosts object to smoking in their house particularly if they have children. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to place students who smoke in Homestays. If you are happy to smoke outside your host’s home please indicate this on your Enrolment Form.

Pets in Homestays

Many British Homestays have pets such as a cat or a dog. lt may be difficult for our Accommodation Officers to find a Homestay without pets so please complete this section of the Enrolment Form ONLY if you have a strong dislike or allergy to animals (either cats or dogs).

Special requirements

We will do our very best to deal with your special requests but are not able to guarantee this. It takes more time to deal with special requests so please send your booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Arriving at your Homestay

You must telephone, fax or write to your host with your arrival time. If you do not do this then your Host may not be at home to welcome you.

Changes and cancellations

See accommodation cancellations information.

International House is only able to arrange accommodation for students studying at our school.

Enrolment Details

Your International House London course booking includes travel, medical and financial insurance protection at no extra cost.

Terms and Conditions

British Immigration Regulations

International House London will provide the documentation required for students to apply for study visas where applicable. Documentation in support of study visa applications will only be provided upon receipt of full fees.

The School has a legal obligation to collate and maintain application information, as well as passport and visa data, and inform the Immigration Authorities of those students whose attendance falls below the standard required by their visa.

If a visa application is unsuccessful, IH London needs to be informed and a copy of the visa refusal letter should be sent to the admissions team. A refund will be issued when we receive this document but please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy


All fees are payable in advance. If you wish to cancel, change or postpone your booking, we require one week's notice in writing. Where less than one week's notice is given, full fees are due and no refund is available (with the exception of accommodation fe­es).

General Accommodation

One week's notice is required in order to cancel accommodation. Where less than one week's notice is given there will be a charge equivalent to one week of the accommodation. The remainder will be refunded.

Residential Accommodation

The cancellation policy for this type of accommodation differs depending on the residence selected. You will be informed of the applicable cancellation policy when your residential option is confirmed.

Cancellations and refunds once you have started your course

No refund is available after the start of the course (with the exception of accommodation where one week's notice is required with the remainder refundable – exceptions apply).

Please note that where there is a change of course registration details or extension of accommodation an administrative charge of £50 will be made.

Cancellations and refunds where the School terminates the contract

The School reserves the right to terminate the booking without refund, where the students' acts or omissions are such that it would be unreasonable for them to continue their studies in the School. Please note that a course may be terminated at any point during its duration if a student is found not to have leave to remain in the UK or breeches the conditions of his/her leave.

Attendance and students’ holidays

Students are expected to attend lessons regularly and on time. Students lose tuition if they are late, absent, or leave before the course ends. Students attending courses of 36 or more weeks duration may take a holiday of four weeks without losing their course fee for the period providing at least four weeks’ notice is given.

Course Availability and Cancellation Every attempt will be made to place you on the course of your choice. However, International House London cannot guarantee a particular course and timetable until you have taken an entry test and had an interview. In the event of insufficient applications for a course, the school reserves the right to offer an alternative course of equal value.

Payment Terms

Payment must be received in full two weeks before the first day of your course. If your course starts in less than two weeks payment must be received in full at the time of booking. International House London is not responsible for any bank charges incurred by international bank transfer. Please remember to quote your student number when making your payment.

No part of your booking is confirmed until payment is received in full.

You may pay by:

  • Bank Transfer in £ sterling. Please note that International Bank Transfers and Bankers Draft payments will incur a £15 charge.
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Online by booking through our website

Your total course fees are made up of the following:

  • Course registration fee
  • Course fee
  • Accommodation fee (if applicable)
  • Bank transfer fee (if applicable)
  • Airport transfer fee (if applicable)

Registration Fee

A registration fee is payable as part of part of your booking. If you re-enrol for a course within 12 months of paying the registration fee, you will not have to pay this fee. If you re-enrol after 12 months a new registration fee will be charged.

What is included in your registration fee:

  • Online and personal face-to-face level test
  • Welcome and orientation session and classes on the first day
  • Welcome pack
  • All textbooks and materials
  • Personal level and progress assessment with your teacher, including advice on self-study
  • Huge library and resources access
  • Use of 45 PCs for personal and study use. Lots of power points for your own devices
  • High speed Wi-Fi everywhere in the building
  • Free UK University entrance counselling and help with applications
  • Certificate of Studies
  • Complimentary Insurance including Cancellation & Curtailment + Medical Assistance

Additional Information

Public Holidays

There are no refunds or discounts for General English classes missed when a course includes a Public Holiday. No fees are charged for these days on Executive Centre courses. There will be no lessons during Christmas but no fees are charged for this period.

Special Offers

Course discounts are valid from the date of advertisement. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively to existing bookings.

Accreditations and Memberships

Accredited by: British Council, TOEIC Authorised Test Centre, Investors in People Investors In People, FAST - Federation Against Software Theft - 'Platinum' status

Member of: English UK, EAQUALS

UK Border Agency licensed sponsor under Tier 4 of the points-based system: Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS)