London International Study Centre

The London International Study Centre (LISC) originated in 2003 in response to the need for students to be in a caring environment prior to entering a mainstream school, so that every day life English language skills could be improved first. We aim to bridge the gap between leaving a family home and moving into ‚the deep waters‘ of boarding. Too often students whom we used to collect from the airport demonstrated an inadequate knowledge of English, and so struggled both socially and academically with the challenges faced upon their arrival at a UK school. Our caring team, including the home stay guardians, help students overcome their homesickness and cultural inhibitions which means they are much happier and can achieve better academic results.

The London International Study Centre (LISC) is a small study centre with a human touch. We pride ourselves in delivering programmes to suit your exact needs. Our primary aim is to provide quality education in a caring, stimulating and friendly environment.

As a multilingual team, we are all university educated, well travelled and passionate about education. We are fully committed to making your stay with us special and memorable. Everyone in our team would like to welcome you to LISC in the near future.

It is of great importance for GCSE/A level/IB students to also acquire appropriate study skills and the academic terminology of the subjects they are planning to study so that their coursework can be of a high quality from the start. Over the years we have extended our support to UK students attending local schools who come to after-school tuition and join our revision courses.

What Makes Us Different?

At LISC we care for the individual. All learning takes place in a small and friendly environment. Students are encouraged and guided to work well and achieve excellent results, whilst still being able to enjoy a wide range of activities. Overseas students can begin their studies with us any Monday, not just at the start of each school term. All the home stay and guardianship arrangements are made through our own specialist guardianship organisation, Sutherland Education (AEGIS accredited). In this way, students are well supported and can fully benefit from staying in England as well as speaking English at All Times (EAT)©.

Our Advantages

International students who join us for a one year Intensive English Course with an IELTS of around 4.5 reach on average a score of 6.5 to 7 by the time they leave LISC. They gain a solid English language competency and are well equipped for the next stage of their education.

LISC students achieve high grades and secure places at excellent boarding schools, colleges and universities. Over the past few years our students have successfully entered schools such as Brighton College, Badminton, Hurtwood House, Caterham, Bromsgrove, Clifton College, St Lawrence, Concord College amongst others. More recently, our students have received university offers from Cambridge, Bristol, Bath, Edinburgh, Dundee, Newcastle, King's College London and Kingston.

International students staying with our caring homestay hosts as part of EAT© and ACCOMMODATION WITH GUARDIANSHIP, benefit from individual pastoral and linguistic support and therefore tend to achieve better results.

Recently, 100% of LISC students were awarded A-C grades in their iGCSE exams (significantly above the UK average despite the fact that English was their second language). 23% of LISC results were A* grades, 31% were A grades and 31% were B grades. This impressive result of 54% of grades being A* – A speaks for itself. Our successful educational philosophy EAT©, with its specially integrated guardianship support, has led to 100% of our students being awarded grade A for IGCSE in English as a Second Language. The average IELTS score in English gained by our students over the last two years has been 6.0.

How We Teach / Our Methodology

EAT©, English at All Times, LISC's full immersion programme, was devised to achieve optimum results when time might be at a premium or simply to guarantee an enjoyable stay whilst learning the language. We believe EAT© provides a very effective way to learn by combining one of our: INTENSIVE ENGLISH COURSE or ACADEMIC SUBJECT COURSES with SATURDAY ACTIVITIES, PERSONALISED SPORTS, MUSIC, OTHER HOBBIES, and ACCOMMODATION WITH GUARDIANSHIP.

Our international students have benefited enormously from this all round approach; it includes speaking and thinking in English in the classroom, with a family at home and during extra-curricular activities.

EAT© creates the perfect synergy between the learning of English in the classroom and the practising of it throughout your stay with us. The great advantages are rapid linguistic progress, the use of English in real life situations, wrap-around pastoral care and integrated learning. In this way, you will find it easier to adjust to a competitive school community and make new friends.

Quality of Our Staff

All our English language teachers hold a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification and many of them have a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE). Subject tutors are qualified teachers with university degrees. They have an excellent track record in preparing students successfully for GCSE, A Level, the International Baccalaureate (IB), as well as Oxbridge entry. They thoroughly enjoy teaching international students and are always keen to promote intercultural understanding.

Our English teachers hold current TEFL qualifications such as CELTA, DELTA or RSA certificates, and some also have a PGCE qualification (Post Graduate Certificate of Education). They have many years of experience in teaching international students from all over the world and are always keen to promote intercultural understanding among students, offering support whenever needed. teacher and pupil

Mainstream subject tutors hold a PGCE Certificate and have taught in independent or state schools for many years, successfully preparing students for their GCSE, A level and IB examinations, and Oxbridge entry.

The programme of tuition for each student is individually prepared, concentrating on the student's personal skills and expectations, in order to achieve the best possible results. For pre-boarding preparation students we obtain a course outline and educational materials from the student's future school to help them understand what is expected of them. Our tutors inform us regularly about a student's progress which is communicated to parents and agents overseas. We do our utmost to help students optimise their ability and achieve excellent results.

Our Services for Students

You may wish to improve your English or prepare for entry into a British school or university; whatever the case, we are here to boost your confidence and enable you to succeed by giving you a head start.

First, we want to find out about you and determine your level to arrange the most appropriate programme. You then join a small group of students of similar ability. Together we consolidate your knowledge and build on it. There is plenty of opportunity to become more familiar with your subjects. Your newly found skills are tested and there is regular feedback and reporting.

With constant individual support, you will acquire important study skills and enhance your learning. students-boys and girls of different nationalities age 9–19 programmes-English only (EAT©), English combined with academic subjects, one year iGCSE/A level, holiday and customised programmes

assessment-daily homework, weekly progress tests, reports and discussions

class sizes – maximum eight per class for English and five for academic subjects; also 1:1 tuition

course duration – from one week to one year according to the student's needs

course intensity- EAT© (English only): 25 English lessons (45 mins) per week; academic courses: (IGCSE) 15 English lessons + 12 subject lessons (45 mins) per week; (A level) 6 English lessons + 4 lessons (45 mins) per week; customised programmes

activities- visits to places of interest, sport and entertainment with staff and families

accommodation – carefully selected families offering practical and language support

guardianship 24 hour support from Sutherland Education (AEGIS accredited)

The small group learning environment, combining intensive study with the experience of living with a caring English family, allows students to make rapid progress in English language and academic subjects. This is reflected in the excellent exam results and the school places which students gain.

General Course Information

LISC prepares students aged 9–19 for entry to a day or boarding school, college or university in the UK (click here for more information on the UK education system) or just helps them improve English not only during summer or school holidays. UK students can improve their grades and their understanding of subjects. Students come to us independently or through educational consultants. Some of them have already been offered a place at another educational institution and others ask us to help with a school or college selection. Thanks to very small groups and a lot of individual attention and support, students make rapid progress during our programmes.

Our centre specialises in offering both overseas and domestic students Intensive English Courses, Preparation Courses in academic subjects for school entrance and internal year end exams, GCSE, A Level and IB exams, One-year iGCSE and A level Courses, or simply improving their performance at school. In close association with Sutherland Education Guardianship, LISC integrates educational support with pastoral care, creating an exceptional opportunity of benefiting from English at All Times (EAT)© for students staying with us. Students are constantly encouraged to speak and think in English, both in the classroom and with a home stay guardian committed to providing extra linguistic support and to making the UK experience productive and enjoyable.

General Accommodation Information

ntegral to EAT© at LISC is the homestay in a caring family. In this way, students benefit from maximum language support and become familiar with English culture, traditions and way of life. All homestay hosts are carefully chosen, specially trained, and meet our rigorous selection criteria.

This service is offered by our sister company Sutherland Education which is a guardianship organisation accredited by AEGIS.

The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students is an independent charity originated by Andrew Sutherland in 1991 and has a code of practice and strict standards for the care of minors staying in Britain without their parents. AEGIS is endorsed by government departments and the British Council.

Enrolment Details

We are happy to accept both boys and girls from any part of the world, between ages 9 to 19. Students entering our English programmes will need to take LISC's own English exams. A level students will require a minimum IELTS score of 4.5. We will often also conduct a telephone interview with an applicant. Students entering our 1 year GCSE and A level courses will be required to submit copies of reports from their current school.

Accreditations and Memberships

Accredited by: British Council

Member of: English UK

UK Border Agency licensed sponsor under Tier 4 of the points-based system: A rating