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General English evening classes are ideal if you work during the day, or for students looking to take extra English classes in the evening.

Our evening course covers core English language skills with an emphasis on improving your fluency and building confidence when speaking English.

Flexible English Classes

Before English classes begin you’ll be asked to take a short test. This will allow your teacher to assess your language ability and ensure that you are placed in a class that provides the correct English language level for you.

The content of our English evening classes is structured around the specific needs of students; exercises focus on developing the English language skills needed in formal work based situations as well as social scenarios.

Innovative language teaching

Our highly experienced English teaching staff use set course books, which they supplement with learning materials they have developed, tried and tested themselves in English classes.

These include using newspaper articles, magazine stories, YouTube videos and movies to help students develop practical English language skills.

Evening English courses at International House London, as well as being effective, are designed to be stimulating and social.

Welcome drinks for evening language students occur on a regular basis, providing you with the opportunity to meet and mingle with other language students studying in our central London language school.

General English

Develop your English language skills for all aspects of life:

  • English for real-life situations: using speaking, reading, writing and listening.
  • 13 different levels so you can study with students at the same English level as you
  • Student-centred approach
  • Lots of individual support and encouragement
  • Creative and fun lessons

General English evening course includes:

  • Language level test and provision of study materials
  • Regular personal assessment with your English teacher
  • Advice for self-study

Class Times

Monday and Wednesday evenings
18.30 – 20.30 – General English

International House London

16 Stukeley Street, Covent Garden

General Information

Course Number:GEEVE
Study Mode:Part-Time / Semi-Intensive
Qualification:Course certificate
Entry CEF level:B1

Class Size

Maximum14 student(s)

Student Age

Minimum Required Age16